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Forster, located on the Lakes Way south of Taree, is linked to its twin coastal town of Tuncurry by a bridge across Cape Hawke Harbour on Wallis Lake.

Forster is a large holiday resort town, bounded on one side by the Pacific Ocean and on the other by the calm waters of Wallis Lake. Swimming and surfing are popular activities along the several ocean beaches, while boating and fishing are popular on Wallis Lake.

To the south of Forster, at Cape Hawke, is a lookout (450 metre steep walk) which offers spectacular views of the surrounding headland.

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With 145 kilometres of coastline, the Great Lakes region covers the towns of Forster, Tuncurry, Tea Gardens, Hawks Next, Pacific Palms, Bulahdelah and Seal Rocks

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Experience the Best of Forster: Beaches, Activities, and Travel Tips

Welcome to Forster, a charming coastal town tucked away in the stunning landscape of New South Wales. Often overshadowed by larger, bustling cities, Forster is a sanctuary where you can truly escape the routine of daily life. From the allure of pristine Forster Beach to a wealth of activities waiting to fill your itinerary, this jewel of New South Wales is a treasure trove of experiences that beckon travellers to explore.

When you hear Forster, NSW, you might not immediately recognise the name—but that's part of its charm. A lesser-known, yet highly rewarding destination, Forster captures the essence of Australian coastal life without the overwhelming crowds. Here, you get the best of both worlds—a relaxed atmosphere, paired with a diverse range of activities that leave no room for boredom.

Situated on the Mid North Coast, Forster isn't just about the coast and surf, though they are undoubtedly major draws. Its location offers a rich tapestry of landscapes to explore, from the tranquil Great Lakes to surrounding lush forests. Whether you're a beach lover or someone always on the lookout for the next adventure, you'll find plenty to keep you entertained.

For those wondering what sets Forster apart, it's an amalgam of its natural beauty, vibrant local culture, and the multitude of things to do. Whether you're keen on sunbathing on the golden sands of Forster Beach, engaging in water sports, or sampling local cuisine, this town offers an all-rounded experience.

So, why should Forster be on your list of places to visit in New South Wales? Simply put, it encapsulates an authentic Australian experience—scenic, relaxing, and brimming with opportunities for adventure.

Ready to explore Forster? Let's dig into the details of what makes this spot a must-visit in New South Wales.

Why Choose Forster, NSW for Your Next Vacation?

If you're planning your next holiday and wondering where to set your sights, Forster in New South Wales should definitely be on your radar. With its striking balance of natural beauty and recreational activities, Forster provides an unparalleled getaway experience. But what exactly sets Forster, NSW apart as a holiday destination? Let's explore some of the unique attributes that make it so appealing.

A Coastal Haven

Firstly, let's talk about the star attraction: the beaches. In a country famous for its coastline, Forster stands out as one of the most inviting spots. The pristine condition of Forster Beach, for example, provides the perfect setting for a wide range of beach activities. Whether you're an avid surfer, a sandcastle builder, or someone who simply enjoys the warmth of the sun on your skin, Forster offers a seaside experience that suits everyone.

Adventure Awaits

If you consider yourself an adventurer, Forster, New South Wales has plenty in store for you. From boating and fishing in the Great Lakes to hiking and birdwatching in the nearby national parks, the opportunities for outdoor adventures are abundant. And it's not just limited to daytime activities. Imagine stargazing far away from city lights, where the sky puts on a nightly show just for you.


One of the benefits of choosing Forster for your next vacation is its accessibility. Located only a few hours' drive from Sydney, it's close enough to be convenient but far enough to feel like a true escape. This means you can make the most of your time off without spending too much of it on the road or in transit.


Last but not least, Forster is a destination that's fun for the entire family. Safe swimming spots, engaging kids' activities, and a friendly local community ensure that people of all ages will have an unforgettable experience.

The Beauty of Forster Beach

When you think about picturesque Australian beaches, Forster Beach in New South Wales fits the description perfectly. With its golden sands, turquoise waters, and panoramic views, it's no wonder why it's considered a jewel of the region. But what makes Forster Beach truly exceptional goes beyond its visual appeal.


Forster Beach is well-equipped to ensure visitors have a comfortable and enjoyable day. Public restrooms, showers, and a range of cafes and kiosks make it convenient for families, couples, and solo travellers alike. Picnic tables and BBQ facilities are also available, providing the perfect opportunity for an alfresco lunch.


Ease of access is another highlight of Forster Beach. A mere stone's throw away from the town centre, getting to the beach is hassle-free. There's ample parking space for those driving in, and for those without a car, it's a pleasant walk from most accommodations.

What Sets It Apart?

Apart from its undeniable beauty, what sets Forster Beach apart is its versatility. The gentle waves make it suitable for less experienced swimmers, while the more adventurous can enjoy surfing or paddleboarding. And let's not forget the scenic backdrop, which offers a tranquil setting for yoga or meditation.

In short, Forster Beach provides not just an ideal, but a comprehensive beach experience that caters to a variety of preferences and activities. It's a must-visit destination for anyone coming to Forster, NSW.

Top Things to Do in Forster

Forster, New South Wales is not just about beaches; it’s a haven for an array of activities that offer something for everyone. Here's a roundup of things to do in Forster that you shouldn't miss.

Water Sports

From paddleboarding and kayaking to jet-skiing and fishing, Forster's waterways are a playground for water sports enthusiasts. Whether you're a seasoned pro or trying something new, the options are limitless.

Nature Trails

If you're a fan of the great outdoors, you'll be delighted by the range of nature trails available. Explore the bushland, discover hidden waterfalls, or take a guided tour to learn about the local flora and fauna. It's the perfect way to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds Forster.

Local Markets

If you want to experience the local culture, spend some time at the bustling local markets. From handmade crafts to organic produce, it's the place to find unique souvenirs and tasty treats.

With such an array of things to do, it's easy to see why Forster, NSW is a top choice for travellers seeking a varied and enriching holiday experience. From the beauty of Forster Beach to an exciting range of activities, this town promises an unforgettable visit for everyone.

How to Get to Forster, NSW

Planning your trip to Forster, New South Wales? Getting there is simpler than you might think, and there are multiple options to fit your travel style and budget.

By Car

If you're coming from Sydney, it's a straightforward journey along the Pacific Highway, taking roughly 3.5 to 4 hours. The roads are well-maintained, and the route is scenic, providing an enjoyable drive as you approach Forster.

By Public Transport

For those who prefer public transport, taking a train and bus combo is an option. Trains run regularly from Sydney to Taree, where you can then catch a bus to complete your journey to Forster. It might be a longer travel time compared to driving, but it's an economical choice and allows you to relax during your journey.

By Air

If you're short on time or coming from further afield, Newcastle Airport serves as the nearest airport to Forster. From there, you can hire a car for the remaining two-hour drive.

No matter how you choose to arrive, Forster, NSW awaits to dazzle you with its variety of experiences and stunning landscapes.

Seasonal Tips for Visiting Forster

Forster is a destination that offers something special year-round. However, knowing what to expect during different seasons can help you make the most of your visit.


The warmest season of the year, summer in Forster is perfect for beach activities and water sports. But do be prepared for larger crowds, especially during school holidays.


As temperatures start to mellow, autumn offers the ideal conditions for exploring nature trails and doing some bird-watching. It's also a wonderful time to attend local festivals.


While not the typical beach season, winter is excellent for those looking to escape the crowds. The climate is mild, making it still suitable for outdoor activities.


Spring in Forster brings blooming flora and more consistent weather. It's a great season for boating and other water-based activities.


From the unmatched beauty of Forster Beach to a wide array of activities and cultural experiences, Forster, NSW holds the promise of an unforgettable holiday. Whether you're an adventure seeker, a beach enthusiast, or someone simply looking to unwind, Forster offers something for everyone.

Conveniently located and featuring a diverse range of experiences across all seasons, Forster should unquestionably be on your list of must-visit destinations in New South Wales. So why wait? Plan your trip and discover the charm and allure that make Forster a fantastic choice for your next holiday.

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