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Travel NSW and its developers, JBlue Technologies, are committed to protecting your privacy and are bound by the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 (New South Wales, Australia) which describes principles concerning the protection of your personal information.

A record is generally made of every visit to the Travel NSW website located at The information that may be collected includes your current internet access network address, the time of your visit, the documents you have accessed, and other information that your web browser may voluntarily provide, typically being the type of web browser being used and the previous web page visited. This information is used for statistical and business purposes in order to improve the services we offer. Details of each document accessed on the Travel NSW is kept private and is not disclosed to any third party. We do publish general visitor statistics (see our usage statistics page) however information that could identify a particular person or their movements throughout the Travel NSW website has been removed.

When submitting new business listings for the Travel NSW website using any of our on-line submission forms, we keep a record of your internet access network address and time of submission. This is for security purposes so as to guard against fraudulent submissions, or to use to identify any problems people experience with the submission system. This information is kept private, but under certain circumstances it may be disclosed to appropriate authorities if an investigation into a fraudulent activity is instigated.

Some parts of the Travel NSW website may require the collection of authentication information to verify a visitor's identity, typically an identifying user name and an associated password. This is necessary in order to control access to information and services.

Travel NSW will not disclose the personal information of its clients or advertisers without permission, unless we have been specifically authorised to publish that information. This includes contact names, phone numbers, email addresses and other related information.

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