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Terms of use

By accessing and viewing the information on the Travel NSW website, you must agree to the following terms and conditions. If you do not agree to our conditions, then you are requested to leave this website.

  1. The inclusion of an accommodation property, tourist attraction or any other business or service on the Travel NSW website in no way endorses, guarantees nor makes any sort of recommendation in regards to any aspect of that service, product, or attraction on our behalf.

  2. All business or information listings on the Travel NSW website are provided in good faith. We rely on the information given to us for publication by our advertisers and affiliates, or extracted from the business's official website. As such, we cannot guarantee that the information and photographs presented in advertisements are accurate, correct, represents the true nature of their operation, is information they have copyright over or reflects their current pricing schedule. Any claims made in respect to that must be pursued with the advertiser in question directly.

  3. While full care and attention has been used when providing information on the Travel NSW website, we are under no liability to you or any other person for any loss or damage (including consequential loss or damage) which you or any other person may directly or indirectly incur as a result of using this website or accessing or relying on any information available through it.

  4. All information presented on the Travel NSW website is provided for general information only and is not to be regarded as professional or expert advice or a substitute for such.

  5. While links to transport timetables are provided on the Travel NSW website, it is recommended you make direct enquiries with the relevant transport operator to verify the current timetable, make reservations (if applicable) and ascertain that the service meets your requirements.

  6. The photographs displayed of locations around New South Wales on the Travel NSW website were accurate at the time of creation, however subsequent factors such as weather, climate, seasons, tides, erosion, landscaping, building developments, land rezoning, boundary modifications, name changes and other changes to the environment and surroundings may render the photos out of date. Therefore the photographs contained on the Travel NSW website should not be relied upon to show an accurate representation of what you would expect to see now or in the future at the location of where any of the photos were taken.

  7. We are not responsible for the content of any information referenced on internet servers outside of the Travel NSW website at Please follow external web links, including links to Google location maps, at your own risk. All external web links are provided as an information service for visitors and we do not endorse those links in any way.

  8. All information on the Travel NSW website, located at, including photographs, wording or other information, is subject to copyright.

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