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Leura is located in the heart of the Blue Mountains between the tourist hub of Katoomba and picturesque town of Wentworth Falls.

The commercial centre of Leura is situated along the wide tree-lined boulevard of The Mall with its collection of boutique restaurants, cafes and gift shops. The town features several historic buildings including the railway station (1891) and the historic Hotel Alexandra (1903).

For one of the most spectacular lookouts in the Blue Mountains, follow Sublime Point Road to its southern endpoint. A short walk to the lookout offers visitors views of the Jamison Valley and the Three Sisters rock formation. Following the scenic route of Cliff Drive westwards to Katoomba passes by several lookouts, the Leura Falls and Leura Cascades.


This historic mansion is set on 5 hectares of majestic gardens and is home to a toy and model railway museum

Festivals & events:

Leura Gardens Festival
Showcasing the beautiful private gardens of the town at their springtime peak

Parks, gardens & trails:

Everglades Historic House & Gardens
Set on over 12 acres of European-style gardens and native Australian bush, this property provides breathtaking views over the Jamison Valley
Blue Mountains National Park
Visited by over 3 million people annually, the park features chiselled sandstone outcrops, gorges, valleys, forests, isolated animal populations and over 140 kilometres of walking tracks with spectacular lookouts

Local tourist guides:

Leura Village
A visitors guide to this unique town with its shopping and attractions

Regional touring guides:

Visit Blue Mountains
Published by Blue Mountains Tourism, it features details on attractions, accommodation, tours, bushwalking and dining options
Blue Mountains Australia
A business and tourism directory for the Blue Mountains region

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Discovering Leura: Small-Town Vibes Amidst NSW's Mountain Majesty

Tucked within the sprawling landscapes of the Blue Mountains is the quaint town of Leura. A gem in the heart of New South Wales, Leura offers visitors a unique window into the region's natural beauty and rich history.

Situated a stone's throw away from iconic landmarks such as the Three Sisters and the vast Jamison Valley, Leura isn't just a brief stopover. It's a destination in its own right within the Blue Mountains region, providing a more tranquil and intimate experience of this UNESCO World Heritage site.

The crisp mountain air, breathtaking views, and the unmistakable essence of a close-knit community are what make Leura stand out. Whether you're drawn to the peaceful ambience of Leura Falls or the local character of Leura Mall, this town in New South Wales is a place of diverse experiences waiting to be explored.

As we venture further into the heart of Leura, this guide will spotlight the key features and experiences that beckon travellers to this charming part of NSW.

Leura NSW: A Brief Overview

Leura, often pinpointed on maps simply as Leura NSW, is a quaint town that serves as one of the many jewels of the Blue Mountains region. Despite its relatively small size, its significance and allure are undeniable, making it a focal point for many visitors to New South Wales.

Situated at an elevation that provides panoramic views of undulating valleys and rugged mountain ranges, Leura is both a gateway and a destination. The town acts as a serene backdrop to the majestic Blue Mountains, capturing the essence of the region in its streets, homes, and natural landmarks.

Covering a modest area, Leura's compact size is inversely proportional to its charm. While it may not have the sprawling expanse of larger cities, its essence is undiluted. Every corner of the town echoes the history and natural splendour of the broader Blue Mountains region. The streets lined with boutique shops, the aroma of fresh brews from local cafes, and the distant sound of water cascading down Leura Falls are just a few elements that make up its rich tapestry.

Leura's position within the Blue Mountains is not just geographical; it's symbolic. As one of the towns in this iconic region of New South Wales, Leura showcases a harmonious blend of human habitation and nature's grandeur. Whether you're exploring Leura Mall's offerings or gazing upon the vastness of the Blue Mountains from a local viewpoint, Leura New South Wales acts as a microcosm of the experiences and beauty that the entire region has to offer.

The Serenity of Leura Falls

Few natural landmarks encapsulate the serenity of the Blue Mountains region quite like Leura Falls. A tranquil retreat, these falls offer both locals and visitors a chance to experience the soothing sounds of water cascading amidst lush greenery. Located within close proximity to the town, Leura Falls is an accessible attraction that resonates with the peaceful ambience of Leura NSW.

While not the grandest or the most roaring, what Leura Falls lacks in sheer volume, it compensates with its pristine beauty. The falls serve as a gentle reminder of nature's artistry, ever-present in the backdrop of Leura. For those looking for a moment of reflection or a simple respite from their journey, the falls provide an ideal spot.

Leura's Position in the Blue Mountains

Leura's significance within the Blue Mountains region goes beyond its geographical location. While it's undoubtedly nestled amidst some of the most breathtaking views of the mountains, Leura's role is that of a guardian—preserving the history, culture, and natural beauty of the region.

The town's architecture, local festivals, and even its street layouts hint at a deeper connection with the Blue Mountains. Leura stands as a bridge between the ancient ruggedness of the mountains and the evolving dynamism of modern-day New South Wales. The symbiotic relationship between the town and its surrounding nature is evident at every turn, from the local gardens to the conservation efforts in place to protect the region's unique flora and fauna.

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